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Given the fact that in the rendering of some of the Services Evrotrust acts both as an entity performing public functions and as an organization providing public services within the meaning of the Electronic Governance Act. When acting as such, Evrotrust shall not require the Customer to produce or prove data that has already been collected or created, and instead it will have to collect it ex officio from the primary data administrator (Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, etc.). Where Customer’s personal data has been changed, the respective primary data administrators shall ex officio send the changed Customer’s data to Evrotrust.

With reference to the aforesaid and the provision of Services, Evrotrust shall have the duty and/or the right to collect, use, store and otherwise process any information related to the Customer. The information by which the Customer is identified could include name, personal identification number, address, mobile phone number (MSISDN), e-mail, video conference recordings and electronic copies of identity documents, HASH numbers, as well as any other information which the Customer has voluntarily provided upon his/her registration, activation and use of the Application and/or the Services. The Customer shall be considered as having been informed, and explicitly agree that the information referred to hereinabove shall be processed by Evrotrust.

Evrotrust shall have the right (but not the obligation) to automatically store certain information which the Device of the Customer sends to the Application in terms of Customer’s activity. Such information may include data about the type of Device employed, the operating system used by the Device, the language settings selected by the Customer, the number of electronic statements, and the number of unsuccessful attempts to use the Services (if any). This information shall be used to analyse the efficiency and improve the quality of the Services offered, as well as for statistical purposes.

Evrotrust shall take due care and shall be responsible for protecting the Customer’s information that has become known to it as a result of Services’ provision, except for the cases of Force Majeure, accidental events or third parties’ malicious acts. Evrotrust shall process and store Customer’s information for the entire duration of the Contract and following its termination, for such periods and at such terms and conditions as defined in the applicable legislation.

Evrotrust shall indicate in the Application whether the submission of data is mandatory or voluntary, and shall point out what would be the consequences in the event of such data not being submitted. In order to avoid any doubts, the submission of the data specified in the Contract, needed for registration, identification and/or activation of the Application, shall be viewed as a mandatory condition for the use of Services, and where such data has not been provided, this shall be considered as an impediment for the successful completion of the respective registration or activation.In those cases where the use of Services requires the Customer to submit third parties’ data to Evrotrust, the Customer shall declare and guarantee that he/she is entitled to provide such data and that he/she is responsible to duly inform the third parties in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Evrotrust shall collect and make use of the information for the following purposes: Customer’s registration; verification of Customer filed data, representative powers and actions that have been undertaken at the request of the Customer prior to the signing of the Contract; fulfilment of the Contract for the provision of Services; the normal functioning of the Application; Evrotrust’s compliance with the duties stipulated in the law; reproducing and proving the electronic statements made by the Customer in the case of legal dispute or when the reproduction and proving of these statements is needed so that the Trust Parties or any third parties could perform on their duties as per the applicable legislation.

The Customer shall have the right to access his/her own personal data which is processed by Evrotrust. He has the right to correct and update his/her own personal data which is processed by Evrotrust and to ask for the deletion, correction and blocking of his/her own personal data due to its processing not meeting the requirements of the applicable legislation. The Customer has the right to demand that Evrotrust inform the third parties to which it has disclosed Customer’s personal data about each deletion, correction and blocking of the said data, unless this proves to be impossible or associated with excessive efforts on the part of Evrotrust;

Evrotrust shall be obliged not to disclose Customer’s personal information to third parties – state authorities, companies, individuals, etc., unless:

- such a disclosure has been provided for in the Contract, or Evrotrust has obtained Customer’s explicit consent upon registration or at a later stage;

- such a disclosure is required so that Evrotrust could perform on a statutory obligation;

- this information is demanded by state bodies, judicial authorities or officials which, according to the applicable legislation, are authorized to require and collect such information in observance of the statutory procedures;

- Evrotrust’s disclosure of personal data is needed in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests of both Evrotrust and the Trust Party;

- such information is supplied to subcontractors of Evrotrust for activities that have been assigned to them by Evrotrust (entities processing personal data); and

-  in any other case as specified in the Contract or stipulated by the law.

By its nature, the provision of Services is related to Customer’s data being received, transferred, stored, submitted and processed to the Trust Parties through the Evrotrust System and the exchange of such data between the Trust Parties and Evrotrust in compliance with the applicable legislation and the contractual relationships established between all of the aforementioned entities. The Customer shall be considered as having been informed about the aforesaid, and he/she shall explicitly agree that his/her data shall be made available to third parties for the purposes of Services’ provision.

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