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e‑Identification, e‑Signatures, e‑Seals, e‑Timestamps, e‑Delivery.
All you need straight from your mobile.
All qualified. All Secure. All compliant. All remote.

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Revolutionary Services



Electronic identification straight from the mobile phone within minutes, having the same legal value as the physical appearance



Remote issuing of qualified certificates and using them for e-signing of documents with the same legal value as paper-based documents with handwritten signatures



Immediate in-app secure delivery of documents and messages with a primary evidential value



Qualified certification of date and time of all interactions between the parties, serving as a strong legal evidence of timing for the digital transactions



Authorize other people to act on your behalf with ease, straight from the mobile app



Qualified service for validation of electronic signatures compliant with eIDAS
Validate a signature

It Works So Easy

No time to visit? No problem!

One‑off e-identification of natural and legal persons straight from the smart device. Takes just few minutes

Advanced 3D machine-learning technology for automated face recognition and ID document processing

Further identification for fast one-click services before our integrated partners and e-government services

Saves lots of time per year for visiting offices and people. Use from wherever place and whatever time

No Smart Cards. No Card Readers. No Knowledge Needed

Remote signing of documents with qualified e-signature straight from the smart device with one click of a button. No further technologies needed, no technical knowledge required. Easy, user-friendly, from anywhere

Multiple and multipurpose use for signing for 2 years within the validity period of the certificate

Use application to e-sign own documents, stored on any cloud or send for signing through the Evrotrust web-portal

Qualified automated time-stamping of all e-signatures with primary evidential value

Immediate. Legal. Straight in the Smart Device

Qualified secure immediate delivery of e-documents and messages straight to the smartphone with one click of a button

Securely sending signed documents to other Evrotrust users for signing or for mere delivery, or sending such to their e-mail addresses, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or any other communication app

Sending of documents for secure delivery of for signing through the web-portal of Evrotrust

Attestation of the sender’s identity, the sending time, the recipient’s identity, the time for delivery and the contents of the documents with a legal value of qualified secure delivery service

Secure storage of the signed or delivered documents for 10 years

Who Can Benefit


Sign on the fly

Self-sign personal documents
Send documents to others for signing
Passwordless logins
Use for eGovernment purposes
Legal value of all transactions

Identify and sign – anytime and anywhere
No need for additional hardware
No need for technical knowledge
Easy one‑click use
Straight from the mobile phone


Forget Paper. Turn Digital

Remote onboarding of clients
Remote contract signing
Payment fraud prevention
Remote identification in call centres
Secure delivery of messages

Onboard without boundaries
Legal evidence for digital transactions
Outsourced liability for ID verification
Powerful cost saving instrument
Pay-per-use business model