A Bulgarian Mobile Application Facilitates Tender Procedure Applicants


Evrotrust has a solution to the new EC requirements for e-document submission. The app of Evrotrustallows instant issuing of qualified e-signatures as an alternative to the time-consuming process of signature collection of all people involved in the submission of public tender offers. As of 1st April 2018, the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) can also be submitted electronically when signed with a qualified e-signature. The new possibility significantly speeds up the application process, especially for companies whose representatives reside abroad.

The application developed by a Bulgarian based company Evrotrust Technologies JSCo. allows instant remote issuing of qualified e-signatures in just a few minutes without the need of physical visit to any certification services providers. “Ever since the amendments came into force, companies have been in tumult. Lots of applicants contact us to ask if the signatures of Evtrotrust are suitable for these documents and the answer is “Yes, they are.”, says Mariana Angelova, Business Development Manager of the Company.

The issue. As of 1st April 2018, the Public Procurement Agency allows submission of an electronic form of the ESPD (e.g. on a flash drive) only if it is signed with a qualified e-signature (QES), uploaded online and marked with a qualified timestamp. The signature certifies the agreement with the document, whereas the timestamp serves to certifies that it has been signed at an exact time and was uploaded before the deadline for offer submission. The new rules of the Public Procurement Agency are a step forward towards the digitalization of services.

How it’s done. With Evrotrust the issuance of qualified electronic signatures is a matter of minutes through a smart device. First the user has to download the free mobile application and go through a short registration and identification procedure, which is done completely remotely. For identification purposes they have to scan one’s ID card and take a selfie picture and through complex biometric algorithms, Evrotrust will make sure that the person holding the phone is the one they claim to be. Second, upon successful registration, Evrotrust issues a qualified e-signature, which is kept in compliance with eIDAS and the latest requirements on safe cloud storage.

Documents may be signed directly from the mobile device and later downloaded from the website of Evrotrust or emailed to the other participants in the tender procedure.

“This is a breakthrough solution on the global market which can be used in a variety of ways and in a variety of fields and applications,” is what the people at Evrotrust Technologies say.