Burgas Municipality - First


Burgas Municipality is the first to introduce an unique opportunity for its citizen to sign with qualified e-signature applications for e-government services straight from the mobile phone with one click of a button.

Today an international meeting under the Sharing Cities Project took place in the city of Burgas, with participants from many Bulgarian municipalities and foreign experts. Evrotrust demonstrated unique integration of the application for remote identification and applying for e-government services. The citizen of Burgas can now benefit from the use of a cheap, modern and user-friendly signing solution from the most widely used device - the mobile phone. The e-government services can be used without special hardware, knowledge, software installations and without dependency on a particular device or a browser. CItizen can remotely identify themselves and create a profile from their home, office or anywhere in the world, at any time. One-click access to the profile is secured without necessity of remembering usernames and passwords. The integration makes possible all data from the profile to be automatically filled in the application, and to have it electronically signed with qualified e-signature with one click of a button straight from the mobile phone. The e-government services of Burgas Municipality become accessible also to those who live outside the country. They are fully compliant with the E-governance Act.