Certificates for qualified trust service provider handover ceremony


Today Evortrust was officially handed over the certificates for qualified trust service provider meeting all statutory requirements.

Today the representatives of the French conformity assessment body LSTI handed over in a special ceremony the certificates for successfully completed full-scope audit for conformity of Evrotrust’s activity as a qualified trust service provider, with the requirements of Regulation (EC) 910/2014 (eIDAS). Evrotrust is the first trust service provider in Bulgaria who has successfully completed the certification procedure of such a wide range of qualified trust services - issuing of qualified certificates for e-signatures and e-seals, qualified time-stamps, qualified website authentication certificates and quailfied e-signatures and e-seals verification. The certification procedere of the qualified secure delivery service in still ongoing. The company has also obtained the first in Europe conformity assessment certificate for implemented unique system for remote automated video-identification of natural persons from a smart device. This systems makes legally possible remote issuing of qualified e-signatures and e-seals certificates 24 hours a day. Obtaining a conformity assessment certificates is a condition for listing the trust service providers as qualified into the designated list kept by the European Commission (available at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/tl-browser/#/tl/BG).