Don’t stop your business! Sign digitally!


Evrotrust has a free, easy and readily available solution for digitally signing and sending documents. With no limits for companies or individuals, from the comfort of your home, thanks to an innovative technology!

Everything you need is a phone, tablet or PC and the Evrotrust Mobile App. Just go to the free Signing Portal and submit a document for signature. Your client, partner or employee will receive them immediately and can sign them with a single click no matter where in the world they are located. The documents signed with Evrotrust’s qualified signature have the same legal force as the ones signed with ink on paper. When you register, the first 5 signatures are free!

What to do:

• Download the Evrotrust mobile app on your smart device from here

• Click here to see how to download the application and register.

• After successful registration, go to the Portal and send the electronic document to yourself or anyone else;

• Sign by a single click, using the Evrotrust Mobile App;

• The signed document can be downloaded and stored on any of your devices.

• Click here to learn how the Signing Portal works!

It is just like on paper, just easier, faster and more efficient!

Evrotrust works in the EU! Please see the other countries and ID types we support here.

You can find answer to Frequently Asked Questions about the Evrotrust solution here.