Employee's electronic employment file - securely and quickly with Evrotrust


Evrotrust offers a solution to the new requirements in the Ordinance on the type and requirements for creating and storing electronic documents in the employee's file.

Documents from the employee's file can be created and stored in electronic format. This is regulated by a new Ordinance on the type and requirements for the creation and storage of electronic documents in the employee's file, which determines the type of electronic documents and the requirements for their creation, storage and exchange.

As a qualified provider of qualified administrative services, Evrotrust offers a quick and easy solution for exchanging electronic documents between the employer and the employee, fulfilling the mandatory requirements to ensure the security, reliable origin and integrity of the electronic document, as well as the long-term storage of the information. Besides the possibility of signing documents with qualified electronic signature, which is a mandatory prerequisite for the documentation created by the employer, with the application of Evrotrust, sending and receiving of electronic documents is done by means of an electronic registered mail service, evidencing the servicing of each message.