Evrotrust’ s benefits through the eyes of business and institutions


Business clients and institutions that actively use Evrotrust are growing. The digitalisation of services is an inevitable process and Evrotrust’ s solutions make it quickly, easily and in full compliance with requirements for personal data protection. Check out the opinion of our partners:

"We become the first Bulgarian pension company that enables people to choose and change their pension fund through smartphones thanks to Evrotrust. Thousands of people benefited."

Andrey Shotov
PAD Budeshte

“Investing in high-tech solutions and innovations has been part of the corporate philosophy of PAC “Doverie“ since the establishment of the company. We optimize business processes, providing better and more professional services to our clients. The digitalisation of services is inevitable and it is crucial for us to have a reliable partner in this process.

It is very important for our company to provide an online opportunity for all insured persons to become our clients without going through clumsy and costly offline procedures. In addition it is very important for all our clients to have constant access to the information about their account and to be able to benefit from the services we provide in the portal Moeto Doverie. It is easy with an e-signature.

The partnership with Evrotrust is of inestimable value for the successful implementation of this project. I am pleased to note that the result of our joint work consists of all the characteristics we are looking for - fast, convenient, user-friendly and complying with all modern requirements for personal data protection.“

Daniela Petkova
Chairman of the Management Board
PAC Doverie

“Evrotrust's innovative solutions help DSK Bank to provide more sophisticated and modern digital services to our clients. Thanks to our partnership we create added value for our clients, saving their time and efforts.

With the digital certificates of Evrotrust our clients can use a wide range of services that do not require personal visits in our offices - applying, receiving and using consumer loans, signing an additional agreement on an already granted loan, remote solutions for operations that require a handwritten signature, etc. This allows us to improve constantly our services and to automate some processes in the bank."

Vasil Dimitrov
Head of Implementation of initiatives and projects
DSK Bank

„Our joint work with Evrotrust gives us the opportunity to upgrade and develop our digital channels. The main goal of our strategy is our clients to have fast and easy access to as many of our products and services as possible through their smartphones and computers. Our common understanding with Evrotrust for the digital development turns our work into a real partnership.“

Julian Vlahov
Head of Alternative sales
UniCredit Bulbank

„Our partnership with Evrotrust Technologies AD is of great importance for UBB. It has allowed us to transform and digitalise a lot of processes within a short period of time and our clients have already felt the benefits. Thanks to the integrated solutions with Evrotrust, during COVID-19 state of emergency many of the clients did not have to visit a bank branch to receive the services under the relaxing measures on loans provided by the bank.

In addition, Evrotrust helps us to digitalise a lot of the selling processes.

In our work with Evrotrust we meet understanding and responsiveness. They are always ready to discuss with us our specific requirements and seek a solution to any case.”

Shezai Shekirov
Head of Digital sales and innovations

”Raiffeisenbank's mission is to turn innovations into an exceptional experience for our clients and Evrotrust' s innovative product is one of our main tools for this purpose. A lot of clients want to communicate online with their bank, so digital communications become very important. That’s why we are collaborating with Evrotrust for basic banking products and services like e-opening of accounts and cards, loans, etc.

Evrotrust is the first winner in the Bulgarian edition of Elevator Lab - the largest fintech partnership program in the CEE Region powered by Raiffeisen Bank International.”

Mariela Atanasova
Head of Individual banking

“As a successful and reliable business partner in Bulgaria, Telenor has always strived to meet the needs and expectations of its clients. So, we are upgrading constantly and adding value to our services by providing innovative solutions.

In partnership with Evrotrust, we have been able to provide a digital application that brings comfort, security and freedom of action to our clients. E-signing of documents is extremely important for them as the need for flexibility and speed in daily life are growing. In addition, it is another way to support our long-term strategy for environmental sustainability.”

Vladimir Hristov
Head of Business sales and marketing
Telenor Bulgaria

”We are glad that Evrotrust is our partner in providing "One Click" A1 electronic signature. The application allows A1 clients to view and sign documents through smartphone easily, conveniently and independently of their location.

The service is innovative and allows us to sign easily and quickly contracts through a qualified electronic signature (QES) without visiting our store. It is completely safe and free through smartphone or tablet.

Services like "One Click" A1 electronic signature help our clients be responsible to the natural environment, but also for greater safety in COVID-19 pandemic.

It is important to us that together with Evrotrust, we provide our customers with the opportunity to prove quickly, easily and securely their identity in banks, telecom operators and government institutions.”

Valentin Stoev
Senior Project Manager

“Burgas Municipality offers a lot of electronic services that are available not only with standard e-signatures and Universal Electronic Signature (UES) of the National Revenue Agency, but also through Evrotrust' s e-identification.

Our statistics show that in 2019 e-services have increased by 15% compared to 2018, and by the end of 2020 we expect an increase of 40% compared to 2019.

It is very useful to have alternatives for access to e-services in COVID-19 pandemic. It is also a convenience for consumers. Using Evrotrust does not require a visit to an office to issue a certificate in difference with other certification service providers. So, the use of Evrotrust' s e-services is the most modern and appropriate solution.”

Engineer Atanas Sirekov
Head of Information Services and Technology
Burgas Municipality