Evrotrust with a flying start


On 15th of August Evrotrust has launched a unique new generation innovative solution, which provides an option for remote identification and remote issuing of qualified certificates and remote signing with qualified signature right from the mobile phone.

The usage comes with a free plan which makes possible trying all the functionalities of the application for several signings. The subscriptions are minimal, charged on a monthly base while the issuing of certificates will be always kept free of charge. The signing no longer depends on holding or using of any technologies ot device, nor it requires having specialized knowledge, difficult installations, drivers, applets, etc. One just need internet access and a browser. Many government institutions, banks, insurance companies and other organizations have already started integration of the Evrotrust solution for remote use of electronic services for their businesses. The solution will make possible mass use of user friendly and cheap remote services for identification, signing and secure delivery of messages in the areas of banking, insurance, telecoms, e-commerce, but as well as for e-government purposes. No doubt it is seen by many as a revolution in the electronic world by bringing legally binding and secure communication in all aspects of the business and government domains. The mobile application is now accessible for iOS and Android.

Evrotrust Technologies PLC is a Qualified Trusted Services Provider (QTSP) according to Regulation 910/2014 of the European Parliament and the Council.