The Bulgarian Registry Agency offers e-services to citizens and businesses by e-signature directly through smartphones


Clients can request the e-services of the agency using Evrotrust's mobile app and through the new centralized portal, uniting the Property Register, the Business Register and the Register of non-profit legal entities

Sofia, 27th July 2020 - Clients in Bulgaria can request and use the electronic services of the Registry Agency through remote, qualified e-identification and e-signature of the Bulgarian company Evrotrust Technologies, whose mobile application is unique in terms of functionality and convenience. The centralized portal of the agency, uniting the Property Register, the Business Register and the Register of non-profit legal entities, was launched this morning.

In the portal users can submit documents for registration or deletion of legal entities, financial statements, changes in a company's circumstances, to verify the authenticity of certificates showing existence of encumbrances on a property, etc. Using Evrotrust' s mobile app, citizens and businesses can sign applications directly through a smartphone - the fastest and most convenient way to receive administrative services saving time and money. The app is fully compliant with all information security & healthy standards and requirements.

According to the Registry Agency during the trial period there was a strong interest in its e-services.

Evrotrust’s qualified e-signature has the same legal value as the paper handwritten signature. Nearly 90 000 people are using the company's mobile application.

“With the integration of our application by the Registry Agency, we facilitate the work of citizens and businesses. They can use the services of the agency through the Business and Property Registers, that are now available in a centralized portal. Our work with the Registry Agency has once again shown that Evrotrust is a powerful tool for digitalisation of public administration's services. It brings a lot of benefits for citizens and businesses. We expect our mobile app to be gradually integrated by all institutions in Bulgaria", said Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov, board member of Evrotrust.

За Evrotrust Technologies

Evrotrust is a qualified trust service provider with reference to the requirements of Regulation (EC) 910/2014 (eIDAS). Evrotrust is the first trust service provider in Bulgaria who has successfully completed the certification procedure of such a wide range of qualified trust services - issuing of qualified certificates for e-signatures and e-seals, qualified time-stamps, qualified website authentication certificates and qualified e-signatures and e-seals verification. Evrotrust’s technology has no analogue globally. Evrotrust is certified by a French independent conformity assessment body (LSTI) and is enrolled in the European commission’s list of qualified trust service providers. The mission of Evrotrust is to make the process of digital identification and digital signature easy and user-friendly. From consumers’ point of view this means less paper, less ambiguity and reduced queues in front of the institutions. The service works automatically anytime from anywhere, easy and instantly. The initial identification takes just a minute and a half. Upon the initial identification a remote qualified electronic signature is being issued which allows the user to sign documents remotely with one click of a button and straight from the mobile phone without using a smart-card and a card reader.