Qualified Validation of Qualified Electronic Signatures/Seals

Evrotrust offers a service of qualified validation of electronic signatures and seals which allows relying parties to receive a report on the signature/seal validation process in an automated and reliable way. The reports is electronically sealed by Evrotrust and guarantees that signatures and seals are generated and validated in compliance with European legislation (EIDAS and the ETSI standards related thereto).

This page has been developed for private, non-commercial use of the service. In order to use the service at the relevant service level or automatically via API, please contact Evrotrust Business development team.

Go to the ‘Signed File’ section and push the button ‘Choose File’ to select the electronically signed file which you want to verify. If the electronic signature/seal is detached (Detached) from the original file, the file containing the electronic signature/seal must be uploaded to the ‘Signed File’ section, and the original file must be uploaded to the ‘Original File’ section. By pushing Submit you will send the electronically signed file for validation.

Please select the ‘Simple Report’ or ‘Detailed Report’ option and push the ‘Download as PDF’ button to receive an electronically signed report by Evrotrust.

Service limitations:

  • • Files exceeding 10 MB shall not be uploaded;
  • • The service is offered on an ‘as is’ basis without any serve levels and is meant for private, non-commercial use only;
  • The service is based on the Digital Signature Services (DSS) and only functions with EIDAS - approved DSS supported formats of electronically signed documents, namely: CAdES, XAdES, PAdES, ASiC-S и ASiC-E.